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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Danish government launches wide-ranging digital services project | - TechTarget

Denmark's government has launched an ambitious project to digitise and automate public services, cotinues - TechTarget. 

Christiansborg Palace
Photo: Dennis Helm via Flickr

The Danish government has announced a digital project that includes 22 separate initiatives, including an app-based citizens digital platform that can be used to access all publicly held data on Danish citizens.
The World-Class Digital Service (WCDS), as it’s known, was introduced by The Ministry for Public Sector Innovation (MPSI) with the objective to implement an integrated approach to accelerate the process of digitisation in Denmark’s public sector.
The societal changing aspect of the WCDS is reflected in certain high-profile initiatives. One of the most prominent of these is a Digital Healthcare project that would enable homecare services’ recipients to access professional support and communicate directly with medical teams, or specific health specialists, over digital platforms.
WCDS forms part of the government’s long-term plan to transform how frontline public health services are delivered in Denmark. The objective is to scale-up the use of digital health solutions and platforms to help reduce non-emergency visits to clinics and hospitals...
Strategic collaboration The ambitious reach of the WCDS project is evident in the MPSI’s decision to form a strategic collaborative partnership pact with municipal organisations Kommunernes Landsforening (KL) and Danske Regioner (Danish Regions). This emphasises the government’s determination to spread the full benefits emanating from the public sector digitisation reform across all of Denmark’s five regions and 98 municipalities.
The national partnership format agreed between the MPSI, KL and Danske Regioner includes the establishment of a jointly financed Technology Investment Fund (TIF). The TIF will fund approved projects to develop and test different digital solutions for downstream use in publicly delivered services such as healthcare, education and housing.
Source: -TechTarget