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Sunday, December 02, 2018

Learning Data Science and Machine Learning On Mobile With CoCalc And Juno | Innovation - Forbes

Gregory Ferenstein, editor of the Ferenstein Wire, a syndicated publication on tech, health, and politics writes, One of the most difficult things about learning a new skill is finding time to study. 

CoCalc in Juno for a Udacity assignment
Photo: Ferenstein

Being able to complete assignments in between meetings or while traveling can make all the difference in the ability to make regular progress. Unfortunately, none of the online courses in programming, data science and machine learning I’ve taken over this past year have great mobile solutions. The best I’ve seen is, which built an online coding environment for some of its quizzes, but not for the more realistic editing environments involving complex tasks. Much of the work still requires a laptop.

After a great deal of searching, I finally found a solution in two applications that allow users to run Jupyter notebooks and python terminal commands, both of which are common tools for completing machine learning tasks. The web app CoCalc can host coding environments in the cloud and the iPhone app, Juno, makes it easier to code in CoCalc on a mobile device (the screenshot above is from a assignment on machine learning, which I've been testing out as part of a series on data science education).

CoCalc is designed for students learning programming and machine learning courses. It's easy to create Jupyter notebooks and comes fully loaded with popular data science packages, such as Pandas (a statistical software for the Python programming language)...

But, CoCalc alone is not enough. CoCalc's mobile interface is less than ideal; it works well on a desktop but it’s hard to interact with on my iPhone. Juno is an iOS mobile app that makes a mobile-friendly wrapper for CoCalc. In a Jupyter notebook, it even has some of the nicer editing environment luxuries, like text auto-completion and color-coding.  

Source: Forbes