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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Free E-Book: Understanding Mobile Learning

The audience for mobile devices wants to be able to learn from any device at anytime, anywhere. 

This creates a challenge, as we have to plan, develop, and deliver tools and content that can be used in all facets of learning, as well as work on the range of devices we use now and will use in the future. This e-book shows the reasons why mobile learning has seen such recent growth and what areas are best suited for this type of learning.

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With this 20-page, digital Infoline, you will be able to answer:
  • What is mobile learning?
  • How does mobile learning differ from e-learning?
  • What are the benefits of mobile learning?
  • Why you should consider mobile learning?
  • When is mobile learning appropriate?
  • How can you design successful mobile learning programs?
  • What are the ingredients for a successful mobile learning strategy?
  • What is the future of mobile learning?
Download your free copy today

Source: The Association for Talent Development (ATD)