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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

With 100K registered users, e-learning startup Sigrid secures funding from Oliphans Capital

"E-learning startup Sigrid has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Oliphans Capital. Sigrid enables teachers to bring their courseware, testing material and insights online, allowing them to reach out to students across the country, and allowing students to benefit from the ability of these great teachers." reports Jai Vardhan, storyteller, erstwhile entrepreneur and a habitual prankster.


The brainchild of Ajit Maheswari, Atul Kasaundhan and Aakash Aggarwal — Sigrid partners with world class educational institutes and teachers to bring their teaching pedagogy and academic expertise to one and all, beyond the boundaries of a classroom.

Ajit, Atul and Aakash are IIT BHU alumni. Before graduating from IIT BHU in 2009, Ajit had his first education startup incubated in the college campus. Atul worked on various technologies, including on the server side as well as client applications in iOS and Android in Adobe. Aakash helped Ajit on their education startup while still at college.
Currently, the company has 100K users on board. Courseware and teaching content are recorded using Sigrid’s proprietary platform ‘Sigrid Notes’, and it provides a one-on-one teaching experience to the students.

Sigrid Education Introduction

Sigrid Notes has been designed to be compatible with all operating systems and browsers and is extremely low footprint – so it can be used on any device and on any bandwidth. Sigrid’s tests are adaptive in nature, thereby focusing testing attention on the areas the student needs more guidance in. Sigrid also provides comprehensive performance analysis and peer comparison.

Source: and Sigrid Education Channel (YouTube)