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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Want to take humanities in Delhi University? You must know this

"Check out list of DU colleges that offer courses in humanities." writes Aanchal Bedi, Hindustan Times, New Delhi.

Humanities courses open up a host of job opportunities and help students develop critical and creative thinking skills. With an arts degree they can pursue careers in teaching, journalism, civil services and public relations. Photo: Hindustan Times

Humanities subjects open up not just your mind, but your hearts as well, enabling you to view the world on the basis of its cultural evolution. 

Today humanities courses open up a host of job opportunities and also help students develop critical and ­creative ­thinking skills. Delhi University offers a wide range of courses in humanities such as ­philosophy, ­history, political science etc for those who are interested in knowing more about different cultures, literature and political systems.

With a degree in humanities ­students can pursue careers in ­teaching, ­journalism, civil services and public relations. They can also work in NGOs, museums and art ­galleries. Other options include ­liberal arts and anthropology.

Several colleges in Delhi University offer courses in this field. Gargi College is perhaps the most sought-after women’s college located in South campus. Established in 1967, the ­college currently has 3,800 ­students and 200 faculty members on its rolls.

“We believe in an ­inter-disciplinary approach and teaching beyond the classroom. At Gargi College, ­students get a chance to explore themselves and their ­creativity. Our ­mission is to empower students in a holistic way so that they are able to face ­various ­challenges in life,” says Shashi Tyagi, principal, Gargi College.

In this academic year the ­college is offering BA (hons) in applied ­psychology, history, political science, philosophy, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and BA programme.


Source: Hindustan Times