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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Northwest University students turn music assignment into opportunity

Kayla Roberts, Special to the Reporter writes, "Students Noël Young and Josh Pineda began what seemed to be just another class project at Northwest University, but within months they were flying to California for a music gig and $2,000."

Northwest University students Josh Pineda, top, and Noel Young, lower left, used the skills they learned in the Creatio program to promote their talents and make some money by playing music at a wedding in California. Lower right, Creatio professor Jeff Lockhart. 
Photo: Kirkland Reporter

Northwest University’s (NU) Creatio, a music program within the business department, has been creating tangible success for students since director Jeff Lockhart launched the program in 2009.

There are around 60 music business majors every year at NU. For five years, students have seen 100 percent job placement upon graduation, according to Lockhart.

“We have more opportunities and requests for interns than we can fill in every single semester,” he said. For the survey of music business class at NU, Lockhart assigns a final project in which students showcase an element of music business. This could be anything from a presentation on copyright to booking shows for a hypothetical band.

“This is my favorite thing I do as a professor,” said Lockhart, who has been at NU for 15 years and began as the director of marketing and public relations. He now teaches classes such as music copyright and publishing, rock band ensemble and marketing 101...

Lockhart’s vision for Creatio is to train the entrepreneur in the musician. He encourages his students, “Don’t think just because you don’t have a record label, or that you are 19 or 20, that you can’t do something significant.”

Source: Kirkland Reporter