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Sunday, June 21, 2015

‘Math is hard. You need to work at it’ by Faith Gillman

"Margaret Moore likes math. As a young student she enjoyed the challenge and the reward of working through a difficult problem. When she moved into more advanced levels of the study, her interest deepened." summarizes Faith Gillman.


“I loved hearing the whole language of mathematics. It became a more creative endeavor than I had originally seen it as,” said Moore, a lecturer in math and statistics at the University of Southern Maine. “I knew statistics would become my specific area. It gives me the opportunity to take all the pieces – the challenge, reward and creativity – and apply it.”

Margaret “Peggy” Moore, a lecturer in the department of mathematics and statistics at the University of Southern Maine, has been helping students to conquer—and enjoy—math for thirty years.  
Photo courtesy of Peggy Moore

Photo courtesy of Peggy Moore Moore has been helping her students hear that language while developing and increasing their math skills for the past three decades...

Moore said she is in awe of all her students, many of whom are working full time, supporting families and trying to succeed in college.

“When I’m working with students I feel energized. They are willing to work so hard to further themselves, it’s incredible. Women (in particular) have so many demands on them – family, children, career and sometimes parents—they are good at keeping their eye on many things at once,” she said. “When they come into my class thinking ‘I can’t do this,’ or ‘I won’t enjoy this’ and then find they can, and I see them push themselves and I have a role in this, I feel good.”