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Monday, June 08, 2015

What is the relationship between learning style and teaching style?

What is experiential learning? 
A series of 11 chapters by David and Alice Kolb. 

Research indicates that teachers tend to teach based on their own learning preferences.

Teachers should be aware of their learning preferences and make concerted efforts to teach to the variety of learning preferences represented in their classrooms.
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Relationship between learning style and teaching style  
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The Kolb LSI is a statistically reliable and valid 12-item assessment tool. Based on experiential learning theory, it identifies preferred learning styles, and explores the opportunities that different styles present for problem solving, teamwork, conflict resolution, communication (work and home), and career choice.  

Developed by experiential learning expert David A. Kolb, the LSI helps individuals recognize their learning preferences and expand their strengths.  

Source: Hay Group