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Sunday, June 28, 2015

How I Finished Two Years of Math in Six Months: A Student Perspective on Blended Learning

Photo: Charley Locke
Photo: Mary Jo Madda
"We hear about edtech from the perspective of entrepreneurs and educators. But what about the viewpoint of a student?" according to Charley Locke and Mary Jo Madda.
Photo: EdSurge

This week, EdSurge hears from Kaela Quinto, a rising sophomore at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in San Jose, CA. Kaela's experiences with blended learning completely changed the way she thinks about math—but we'll let her tell you herself. (And for more from Kaela, check out her article on EdSurge!)

Episode 21: "A Student Perspective on Blended Learning" - Edtech Recap 6/27

Source: EdSurge