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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Commerce Conundrum

International Education Consultant Dr. Pratibha Jain, talks about the various options available within the Commerce stream. 

Photo: Daily News & Analysis

Education is not as blinkered as it used to be. Today most universities offer undergraduate and post graduate degrees with varied specializations and permutations. 
These include: 
  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Business and Management Studies / Business Administration
  • Commerce 
  • Economics 
  • Finance and Economics
  • Financial Markets 
  • Hotel and Hospitality Management 
  • Mass Media Management
  • Sports Management 
The traditional choices for commerce students have been Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Trade and Law. New course options have emerged with growing job opportunities in business analytics, e-commerce, marketing of luxury goods as well as  supply chain sports and entertainment management. It is important to remember the key to career growth is excellent performance and not the degree alone. Hence, as a broad guideline, a person with a good head for numbers and a liking for math should opt for the more numeric-based degree programs such as Accounts and Finance. Someone with good communication skills would excel in management and marketing-related programs like BMS or BBA.

Source: Daily News & Analysis