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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Ebook Released: How to Use Rapid Authoring Tools for Converting PPTs to E-learning

Here is an eBook that helps with the process. Titled “Converting PPTs to E-learning Using Rapid Authoring Tools: Tips for using Storyline, Captivate, Presenter, and Lectora”, the eBook is a must for those who want to explore different authoring tools to convert their in-house PPTs into online courses.

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A PowerPoint presentationis not capable of knowledge transfer by itself. In a classroom, it needs an instructor, and in online environment, it needs an instructional design strategy. To implement the strategy, you need authoring tools.

It is not surprising that we have a host of rapid authoring tools that are meant to efficiently convert PowerPoint slides into engaging and interactive eLearning courses. Each of them comes with different features and capabilities. How do we know which one is the best for our purpose?

More specifically, this eBook:
  • Explains why you need to use rapid authoring tools to convert PPTs into eLearning courses
  • Lists the criteria that help you choose the right authoring tool that best caters to your training situation.
  • Describes the step-by-step process of using authoring tools such as Storyline, Presenter, Captivate and Lectora
Get an overview of the most popular rapid authoring tools and see how you can use them to address your training needs. 
Download the eBook now

Source: CommLab India