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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bloomberg Offers Advanced Online Course in Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence - Dice Insights

Nick Kolakowski, Senior Editor, Dice Insights notes, "Bloomberg is the latest firm to launch a (free) online course in machine learning. And it’s definitely not meant for folks who aren’t great at math."

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Indeed, Bloomberg’s Foundations of Machine Learning is meant for those tech pros with strong experience in machine learning and mathematics, such as financial analysts, senior project managers, and engineers with quite a few years of experience under their (proverbial) belts. It’s an offshoot of an internal “Machine Learning EDU” initiative already taken by 1,000 Bloomberg software engineers.

The course is taught by David Rosenberg, a data scientist in the Office of the CTO at Bloomberg; he’s also an instructor at NYU’s Center for Data Science. “In doing this, our goal is to help make valuable machine learning skills more accessible to people with a strong math background, including experienced software developers, experimental scientists, engineers and financial professionals,” read a new Bloomberg blog posting about the program...

Actual lessons include an introduction to statistical learning theory, an examination of stochastic gradient descent and excess risk decomposition, and loss functions for regression and classification. Clearly this is not a course for total newbies, or those who panic when they read terms such as “convex optimization” and “Langrangian duality.” In addition to video, lessons come with slides, notes, concept checks, and references. Here’s the first one in the series:

Black Box Machine Learning 


Source: Dice Insights and Inside Bloomberg Channel (YouTube)