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Friday, July 13, 2018

Why the classrooms must go digital and how | Education - YourStory

"There’s a talk by an eminent international professor at your university and you are excited to attend. But your campus is spread out over a few acres, and you find it difficult to locate the lecture hall. By the time you do, you have missed a few minutes of the talk." reports Team YS.

The Cisco Digital Education platform is tailored to meet the needs of the 21st century education.
Let’s reverse the scenario.

You are invited by a top university to deliver a talk. You arrive at the university on time, but getting a parking space is an issue. Once that is sorted, you are don’t know the way to the venue. You try to call your coordinator but can’t reach him or her over the phone.

Now, let’s look at a regular classroom scenario.

An interesting class has just concluded. You want to revisit the teachings to see if you have missed out on any key pointers. The only option you have is to rely on your memory or refer to a classmate’s notes.

Now, yet again, let’s reverse the scenario.

As a professor, once you are done with delivering the lecture, you want students to take time to go through the learnings, so that you can answer their queries before the next session. But, there aren’t any avenues to help you do that effectively.

It is these kind of simple, everyday, scenarios that will get overhauled as digitalisation of education becomes a reality. Today, every aspect of our lives, from the way we travel, shop or eat, has changed, and with digitalisation gaining ground in the education sector, the way students study or educators teach is also rapidly changing..

Digital Learning  
Today, education is no longer confined to the physical boundary of a school or college as access to digital platforms enable continuous and effective learning. From assigning pre-work, recording live videos, or answering student queries, both students and teachers want a digital platform that has the capability to become a single window of engagement at every stage of learning – be it before, during or after every class.

Digital learning focuses on enhancing the quality and innovation of teaching and learning, and accelerating productivity and collaboration.  
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Source: YourStory