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Saturday, July 07, 2018

How High School Math Can Be The Key To Building A Strong AI Workforce | Opinions - Analytics India Magazine

Richa Bhatia, seasoned journalist with six-years experience in reportage and news coverage says, "Can bringing in artificial intelligence to high school curriculum bridge the skill-gap?"  
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Experts believe that such a move would help in building a sustainable workforce that can leverage the transformative technologies to ensure social and inclusive growth in line with the development philosophy of the government. In that respect, strengthening mathematical concepts at high school stage can help sharpen the understanding of future students. For example, statistics plays a crucial role as it used in data minimisation that increases the computation speed. So, what does a high school student need to master before studying AI in college? Matroid CEO and adjunct professor at Stanford Reza Zadeh tweeted that the concepts in maths like – calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics can make up a good background for students who wish to pursue a career in AI.

A career in AI requires a strong foundation in mathematics. A common question asked by may beginners is, “What level of math competency should one be before attempting to learn AI?” Facebook’s Yann LeCun commented in 2016 that for students to excel in AI, what’s required is “math and just more math”.

A TechCrunch article cited a computer scientist mentioning that linear algebra, probability, statistics and calculus III should be incorporated in education — the sooner the better. Since high school curriculum offers a watered-down version of probability and calculus, it is high time the Indian think tank NITI Aayog revisits it to overhaul the existing curriculum if the country wants to make AI the engine of growth and economy.
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Source:  Analytics India Magazine