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Monday, July 09, 2018

How SMEs Can Make The Most Of Online Learning | Guides - MinuteHack

"Learning has never been easier, so don't miss the chance to increase the skills of your workforce" according to Martyn Bull, Senior Learning Designer at digital learning agency Insitu Digital.

Photo: MinuteHack

The growth of digital infrastructure has opened a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs. Business owners are able to reach other continents and cultures from across their kitchen counter.

One of the greatest benefits is the pooling of resources and the ease of information access. This has meant that anyone, anywhere can get a question answered at the swipe of a finger.

The digital revolution has had a huge impact on learning within the workplace. Today there are interactive videos, short-form quizzes, easily digestible micro-content and engaging online courses that can be accessed without having to leave your chair.

Run a bakery but are looking for a new oven? There’s a blog comparing the latest models. Want to motivate your staff, but are not sure what to invest in? There’s a TED Talk on YouTube.

Online learning provides enormous flexibility for entrepreneurs. With days, and most likely evenings too, dedicated to servicing contracts and clients, business owners have to be mindful to set aside time to work on their own development.

Learning things digitally provides a quick and accessible way to continue personal development. You can pick up your learning on a myriad of devices, pause it and then come back to it at your convenience...

The future
As with all things based in technology, today’s disruptor is tomorrow’s old hat - entrepreneurs have to keep moving forward if they are to stay ahead of the curve. Video is regularly breaking records when it comes to engagement - which is one of the key barriers to learning.

Source: MinuteHack