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Friday, July 27, 2018

L&D practitioners need to become digital learning marketers | Learning and Development - Human Resources Online

This article is brought to you by Elementrix.

George Aveling, CEO of Elementrix, affirms that marketing principles are among the mindset and skill shifts that L&D practitioners will need in the new digital learning world.

Photo: George Aveling, CEO of Elementrix.

If you are a learning and development practitioner, and I told you that you need to develop marketing skills, would you believe me? I am serious! Read on to find out why.

Digital is everywhere! And with it, we are witnessing changes that will have an increasingly major impact on the world of learning and development (L&D). These will require some shifts in the mindset and skill-set of L&D professionals to succeed in this new world. And one of those skills is marketing.

Captive to capture Some of you may be experiencing how, in the new world of blended learning, the mobile phone is playing an increasingly important role. That said, we will not see the end of conventional classroom learning. Rather, we will see classroom learning decline, and virtual learning – primarily by mobile phone – increase significantly.

This shift presents challenges for L&D  departments: They will have to move from delivering to a ‘locked’ captive audience in a classroom, to capturing the attention of a busy audience that can choose not to partake in the mobile learning.
This is the reason why, in an environment where the audience can choose whether or not to consume, we need to develop marketing skills.
I believe that a big shift in mindset and skill-set that L&D professionals need to make is to develop marketing and analytical skills...
Lots to learn We’re only just beginning to learn how to navigate the exciting possibilities of digital learning. There are lots of new things – the human-centred design, the rich new language of digital learning, new learning ecosystem options, and much more.
I could go on, but there is not enough room in just one article! So, for now, I’ll leave with you with a modified quote from Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here is not necessarily what will get you where you want to go.”

Enjoy the journey!

Source: Human Resources Online