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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Learn C programming online with these courses that are on sale | Shopping - Mashable

Go from absolute noob to full-fledged C programming pro with these online training sessions.

Photo: Pixabay

Everyone says they want to learn how to code, but only a few decide to take the plunge and explore the world of programming. But the fact that you, dear reader, clicked on this post affirms that you're willing to get down and dirty with coding, and for that, we want to give you a digital high five.

It can be overwhelming for a beginner to figure out which programming language to dip your toes into first. But we'll save you the trouble of going on hours of internet deep dives figuring out which one to pick. The answer is clear: C.

While C is older (it's been around for 40 years) than the programming languages you see floating around, it's still one of the most popular. As a low-level language, C is relatively bare and closely related to machine language, so learning it will give you an idea of how a computer works. You'll also at least have a surface level understanding of how computer hardware communicate. C has also spawned other languages like C++ and C#.

If you're interested in learning them, check out the training bundles below. Each one will give you a good grasp of C programming, which you can then use for side hustling, or better yet, venturing into full time into coding. The good news? All bundles are on sale.

Source: Mashable