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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Major Misconceptions About E-Learning | Insights - ATD

Tim Slade, authoring tools trainer for Artisan E-Learning explains, "Whenever I’m at a conference, at work, or online, I often find myself interacting with folks that have a lot of misconceptions about e-learning."
Photo: ATD
Typically, these misunderstandings surface when someone tries to explain why e-learning isn’t effective, or when someone has a very narrow idea of what offerings should look like. 

The truth is that these misconceptions about e0learning stem from an individual’s inexperience or fear.

Frankly, I don’t blame these folks for having these misconceptions. It’s likely they’ve experienced e-learning that truly is bad, ineffective, or misused. And it’s these negative experiences that have shaped their views.

The good news is you can reframe people’s thinking if you understand these three common misconceptions about e-learning that most people get wrong.

Source: ATD