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Friday, July 27, 2018

Want to study Computer Science? These UK Unis lead the field | Study International News

The UK’s tech sector is positively booming, inform .

As we speed through the high-tech digital age, computer science proves to be an invaluable specialisation. These UK unis lead the field.
Photo: Hitesh Choudhary/Unsplash

Currently contributing around £184 billion towards the British economy,its value has grown by £14 billion this past year alone, developing 2.6 times faster than the average industry rate of advancement, according to the latest Tech Nation report.

This is a sector in which demand far outstrips supply. Approximately 50 percent of UK businesses recognise a shortfall in qualified IT graduates, with a recent study from Computer Weekly forecasting that 800,000 professional IT roles in the UK will remain unfilled by 2020.

But this trend isn’t exclusive to the UK, and is in fact echoed across most global regions. In the US, for example, the difference between the huge number of computing job openings and the small number of people seeking these roles is exponential, while in China, the age of mobile internet and AI has sparked high demand for talent with IT knowledge – especially in the programming field.

Nevertheless, the UK is home to London; the world’s education capital and the most popular international student city on the globe. This, paired with the thriving nature of its tech economy, makes it the ultimate study destination for aspiring computing professionals.

Here are the Top 10 UK institutions for the pursuit of this discipline, based on data from The Complete University Guide – ranked according to graduate prospects, entry standards, research standards and student satisfaction.

Source: Study International News