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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Free E-Book on Creative Facilitation Techniques for Training

Engage Your Learners to Maximize Performance.
When people are engaged in the learning experience, they return to work more likely to improve their performance. 

Use these creative facilitation techniques to capture your learners' attention and hold their interest, in any environment.

Photo: Julie Patrick, LinkedIn
Julie Patrick, learning and performance consultant writes, "Workplace learning happens in a variety of environments. There is no “one-approach-fits-all” solution for workplace learning and performance. Facilitators need to be able to implement training in a number of surroundings and with groups of varied sizes. They must engage learners whether the training is a one-on-
one instructional opportunity in a manufacturing setting or an event with hundreds of people in a conference center ballroom; whether it is in person or online; and whether it is synchronous (live) or asynchronous (“anytime, anywhere”)."

Facilitators can make a difference by employing the appropriate creative facilitation techniques that capture learners’ attention and hold their interest according to the environment. If people are engaged in the learning experience, they are more likely to use the knowledge and skills learned to improve their performance when they return to work.

We hope you enjoy this valuable Infoline issue. It is one of seven issues in our top-selling Infoline Digital Series: Facilitation Skills.
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Source:The Association for Talent Development (ATD)

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