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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Achieve3000 Unveils Nonfiction Blended Learning Literacy Solutions | T.H.E. Journal

Sri Ravipati, Web producer for THE Journal and Campus Technology inform, "The New Jersey-based company announced new updates to its blended learning poducts." 

Achieve3000, a provider of cloud-based solutions that deliver differentiated learning instruction, announced several new and updated literacy solutions. The company is releasing state-specific editions for all of its products. Additionally, they announced new products for numerous programs, a makeover to the Teacher’s Edition homepage, and new tools, assessments and full courses.

Achieve3000 has created more than 65 state-customized editions of its nonfiction blended learning literacy solutions:
  • KidBizPro, TeenBizPro and EmpowerPro for English language arts, science and social studies;
  • KidBizBoost, TeenBizBoost and EmpowerBoost for Tier II and III response to intervention and special education;
  • KidBizAccess, TeenBizAccess and EmpowerAccess for English language learners; and
  • KidBizEspañol, TeenBizEspañol, and EmpowerEspañol for Spanish language learners.
Each of the blended learning literacy solutions has assessments, available in both English and Spanish, that measure and monitor students’ reading levels.

In addition, Achieve3000 launched its ELA Test Challenge, courses that prepare students for high-stakes state assessments. The courses help students achieve stamina through practicing with drag-and-drop sequencing, click-to-highlight tasks and multiple-choice questions. The Challenge courses are available through Achieve3000’s mobile apps, both online and offline.
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Source: T.H.E. Journal