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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Free Guidebook: Blended Learning for Math Success | DreamBox Learning

This guidebook discusses five key components of an effective Blended Learning framework to help guide your school at every step of the way. 

Plan, implement, measure, adjust, and celebrate math achievement by: 
  • Strategizing your Blended Learning road map  
  • Understanding which initiative metrics are right for you  
  • Finding out how Professional Development can help improve your Blended Learning journey
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DreamBox Learning writes in the introduction: The road to math success, "There is great interest in creating digital learning opportunities for math students. It stems from the historical challenge to engage students in a deeper conceptual understanding of math content, as well as the capability to digitally represent ideas and concepts. In addition, digital programs that are adaptive allow students to work on a customized path that narrows gaps while also pushing the individual student to new levels of understanding."

Throughout this guidebook, we’ll cover ways to plan, implement, measure, and adjust your own Blended Learning roadmap to student success. You’ll also find tips for administrators and coaches to empower teachers on their own Blended Learning journeys—and a reminder to celebrate the successes you achieve along the way!

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Source: DreamBox Learning