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Monday, June 13, 2016

Guest Opinion: Grad says online learning better prepared her for college

"For many high school seniors, this time of year can create mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension — as they close one chapter of their lives and open another. That's why it's nice to hear that our online public school, Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA), has given many of our students the tools they need to succeed in life." according to Wes Beckstead of Talent, president of the School Board of Oregon Connections Academy (, a tuition-free, statewide online charter school authorized by the Santiam Canyon School District.

The other day we heard from Taylor Ambrosio Wood, formerly of Ashland and a member of the ORCA graduating class of 2011. She was able to graduate from our school a year early at age 17 because she was able to work at her own pace and move ahead of her peers in required credits.
When it came to education and music, Taylor followed her own beat. At 9 years old, she started playing a Zimbabwean marimba and her musical interests grew from there. Last year, she received her bachelor's degree in music from the Boston Conservatory and next month, at 22 years old, Taylor hopes to finish her master's degree in Spain.
Research shows graduates who've experienced online education are often better prepared for college. Not only because more institutions of higher education are offering courses online, but students with virtual learning experience tend to be more self-motivated, have better self-discipline, and other essential skills needed to map out their own road to success.
Taylor said looking back at high school and college careers, attending a full-time online public school definitely prepared her for life as a young adult.

Source: Mail Tribune