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Friday, June 10, 2016

UMass professors trying to help young children enjoy math | WWLP-22News

"Many children develop dislike of math at a very early age" inform general assignment reporter. 

University of Massachusetts professors are working on programs to improve the health of western Massachusetts children, and to make them enjoy learning math.
The UMass Center at Springfield previewed some of those long-range goals Thursday. One such program is designed to help students succeed in math by not being fearful of working with numbers. Professor of Brain Sciences Dr. Joon Park told 22News that many kids learn to hate math at a very early age.

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“The basic negatives can come from a pre-school age. It depends on how they’re exposed to different kinds of numbers, so it’s important to build that while they’re young,” Park said.

Park said he now works with children as young as three years old to put a positive spin on teaching math.


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