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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The largest ever supercomputer generated math proof is at 200 terabytes | Techworm

Photo: Kavita Iyer
"Supercomputer cracks the Boolean Pythagorean, generates math proof of record 200 terabytes." reports Kavita Iyer.

Three computer scientists have announced the largest-ever mathematics evidence by solving a single math problem using a supercomputer to toil through over a trillion color combination possibilities. The end result: a text file that comes in at a gigantic size of 200 terabytes.

In their paper uploaded to the preprint server arXiv, Marijn Heule with the University of Texas, Oliver Kullmann with Swansea University and Victor Marek with the University of Kentucky have named the math problem as Boolean Pythagorean Triples problem. It was first proposed back in the 1980’s by mathematician Ronald Graham. He also offered a prize of US$100 for anyone who could solve it. Earlier this month, he duly presented the cheque to one of the three computer scientists, Marijn Heule.

The problem asks if it is possible to colour each positive integer either red or blue, so that no trio of integers a, b and c satisfy Pythagoras’ famous equation a2 + b2 = c2 and all are the same colour. For instance, for the Pythagorean triple 3, 4 and 5, if 3 and 5 were coloured blue, 4 would have to be red...

The study has been published on Nature.
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