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Monday, June 27, 2016

Governor McAuliffe Announces Expansion Of Cybersecurity Apprenticeships | Alexandria news

Photo: Governor Terry McAuliffe
"Governor McAuliffe announced yesterday at the National Governors Association’s Talent Pipeline Policy Academy that for the first time in Virginia history, businesses have the opportunity to stand up registered apprenticeships for cyber security occupations." notes Alexandria news.


Formally approved by the Virginia Apprenticeship Council on June 16, the three new registered apprenticeship cybersecurity occupations include: Information Security Analyst - Cyber Security Analyst, Information Security Analyst - Computer Forensics Analyst, and Information Security Analyst - Incident Response Analyst. The Virginia Apprenticeship Council established the criteria registered apprentices in cybersecurity must learn and demonstrate through the program to gain the necessary proficiency in the cybersecurity field.

Administered by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, Registered Apprenticeships combine on-the-job learning with classroom-related instruction, with the latter often delivered by a community college or career and technical education center. Registered Apprenticeships provide valuable, life long career benefits, including: certifications and licenses guaranteeing proficiency to employers, hands-on skill development in the field, and the opportunity to simultaneously learn and earn - with a graduated pay scale that recognizes increased skill attainment.
“Expanding apprenticeship programs for cybersecurity is essential for this sector’s workforce development, which will further establish Virginia as a global leader this high-tech industry,” said Governor McAuliffe. “I commend the Virginia Apprenticeship Council for their work and look forward to seeing hardworking Virginian develop the skills they need to succeed. Moving forward, we will continue to look for new ways to foster innovative workforce development initiatives that encourage private sector growth and build the new Virginia economy.”
“Having competency-based registered apprenticeships provides Virginia with yet another tool to leverage as we work to strengthen our pipeline of high-quality, industry-ready cybersecurity professionals,” said Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson. "Introducing registered apprenticeship occupations in an industry sector like cybersecurity that has not traditionally employed apprentices will boost the ability of young adults and career switchers to attain in-demand skills and even earn industry certifications and college credits while simultaneously working full time and earning wages. Governor McAuliffe’s commitment to increasing registered apprenticeships in IT and cyber security led to a recent launch of a VDOLI administered program that provides fiscal incentives of up to $1,000 a year for related instruction costs. Companies hiring IT or cybersecurity apprentices are eligible for the incentive.”
“These newly approved apprenticeships in cybersecurity will help make Virginia a national leader in cyber education and training,” said Secretary of Education Anne Holton. “Now more than ever, we need to be preparing our students for the jobs of the future, and these apprenticeships will lay a firm foundation for this emerging sector.”
“Registered apprenticeship credentials are universally recognized and demonstrate that an employee has mastered skills on the job and in the classroom,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones. “The value to employers and hardworking Virginians of an apprenticeship credential is why Governor McAuliffe included apprenticeships in his call for 50,000 STEM-H workforce credentials a year by the end of his administration.”