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Friday, June 10, 2016

iHeartMedia and WeWork Will Target Entrepreneurs With Branded Podcasts | Adweek

Photo: Marty Swant
"Music stations are also in the works" inform Marty Swant, Staff Writer.

If radio is the "soundtrack for work," then iHeartMedia and co-working network WeWork are hoping to redefine the soundtrack for entrepreneurs.

WeWork is partnering with iHeartRadio on a new podcasting and music streaming initiative.
Photo: Getty Images

Today, iHeartMedia and WeWork are launching a partnership to bring live radio, branded podcasts and other content to WeWork's more than 90 locations around the world. Along with Work Radio—a live station that will feature music and talk content streamed to WeWork locations—the companies are building a new studio in WeWork's headquarters in Manhattan. The digital studio will be used for livestream interviews, concerts, events and performances. The studio will also create original podcast series, starting with one that pairs young and more seasoned entrepreneurs for conversations about their careers.

According to iHeartMedia chief marketing officer Gayle Troberman, she realized there was room to create content specifically for the WeWork audience after she toured a WeWork office and noticed everyone had their headphones in.

"I'm really excited to partner with WeWork to figure out what is the new soundtrack for work, and how do we actually start learning and understanding what types of content people want," Troberman said in an interview. "The beauty of doing it in the iHeartRadio app is we'll see what people are thumbs-upping, thumbs-downing, and the programming will change every day based on what members want more of and when."

Since the partnership will tailor all the content and music for WeWork locations, iHeartMedia and WeWork are trying to attract brands that want to target entrepreneurs around the U.S. and internationally. One of the first brands to sign on is Dell, which will be a part of the official launch.

WeWork and iHeartMedia plan to work with brands to create sponsored podcasts focused on topics that relate to WeWork's more than 60,000 members, and the content will also be accessible to the rest of iHeartRadio's 85 million registered users.

Along with more career-specific content, iHeartMedia and WeWork will be launching three new iHeartRadio Original stations curated for WeWork members, with music throughout the week that matches the time of day and the mood.