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Thursday, February 23, 2017

2017 Predictions: 3 Technologies That Will Put Your New Year On The Right Track | Forbes

This story was originally published on CenturyLink Bright Ideas

Photo: Vernon Irvin
"If you’ve been following any of the latest business and technology headlines, you’ve no doubt heard how 2017 will be the year that ground-breaking technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence will create new paradigms in our healthcare systems, schools, universities, and enterprises." insist Vernon Irvin, Senior Vice President-Sales and Marketing for CenturyLink’s Enterprise Business Sales organization.

Even small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) stand to gain immeasurable benefits from these technological advancements, helping managers to understand, manage and measure businesses operations and customer interactions in ways that were never possible before. We’ll have the opportunity to become more efficient, innovate faster and ultimately, make better decisions as long as we have the network foundation required to sustain this innovation.

Here’s a look at three types of technology that can help you establish the groundwork required to get ahead in 2017:

Fiber Optics: 
Fiber is the foundation of any business technology stack with its inherent speed and scalability. With fiber, you’re driving on a supersonic raceway; without it, your business will operate like the digital equivalent of driving on a dirt road. Fiber has the speed needed to enable complex technologies where every nanosecond counts. Fiber networks provide uncompromised performance and distinct uptime advantages with split-second data processing and the ability to upload and download files at the same fast pace. As the technology landscape becomes more complex and our patience for “load times” diminishes, it’s extremely important that businesses have a network that can run everything from basic business functions like conferencing and cloud uploads to some of the more powerful applications, like data mining and artificial intelligence. I’ve seen plenty of retail establishments leverage fiber and it’s fast, dependable connectivity as a competitive advantage to attract customers into their business. But if they wanted to go a step further, the store or restaurant could leverage fiber to access cloud-based business intelligence applications and better understand their customers’ preferences and buying habits.

Similarly, I’ve consulted with larger companies who also leverage fiber for cloud-based applications, but in addition to business intelligence, they also rely on it for instantaneous access to cloud-based procurement, sales and customer service applications, data backup and server processing environments. Many of these companies also have dispersed workers and need fiber to power online collaboration and video conferencing solutions. Fiber provides the gateway into an incredible set of IT services that enables businesses to delegate their IT challenges over to a trusted provider whether for business intelligence, email and security services or simply removing plain old phone systems off desks and putting in new IP telephony devices with advanced features. In my experience, fiber lays the groundwork for business growth and advancement while helping a business achieve maximum savings and efficiency.
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Source: Forbes

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