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Friday, February 10, 2017

5 ways to convince your boss to buy an elearning authoring tool | Elucidat Blog

Photo: Steve Penfold
Struggling to get your business case for in-house elearning tools off the ground?, summarizes Steve Penfold, Customer Success Director at Elucidat.

Photo: Elucidat Blog

Here are five core arguments that might help convince budget holders that elearning authoring tools are well worth the investment – for everyone. It’s not just about cutting costs, especially if you go for collaborative tools that foster employee-powered sharing.

1. Share top performers’ know-how, before it disappears 
“Knowledge has left the building,” said Elvis (or was it Elvis who left?). Either way, businesses are at risk of losing knowledge and skills built up over years. Millions of Baby Boomers are set to retire over the coming years, leaving many businesses in danger of losing talent on a daily basis. Help spread the word faster and wider through collaborative authoring platforms that empower mentors and experts to share what they know, what they do and how – in a format that is modern, effective and multi-device.  Plus, you get to keep this information, re-use it, translate it or adapt it.

2. Deal with needs and crises, 200% faster 
The pace of change for businesses is lightning fast, with emerging technologies driving global changes in the way we shop, buy, sell, consume, compete, work and communicate together. When an opportunity or problem hits your business, how prepared are you to step up to the challenge? Whether it’s dealing with cyber-attacks, beating competitors to new markets, or needing to meet new regulations, speed matters.

Often, a new challenge needs more than just quick communications. It calls for super-fast new skills and adapted ways of working. Yes, you’ll need team meetings and messages communicated from the top.  You can then have experts jump onto your authoring tool to deliver detailed action plans to individual groups, quickly, wherever they are and on any device. That’s right: a big benefit of modern tools is their ability to deliver quick personalized learning.

Efficient learning that’s adapted to individual needs is likely to make more difference than a giant, general presentation to all. And, if it’s a cloud-based authoring tool, you can then update or add to the messaging in seconds as the response unfolds. This is something that’s not easy or possible to do if you don’t own the tool.
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Source: Elucidat Blog