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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Collaborative Classrooms | Industry Insights

Bob Brown, Spectrum Industries explains how creating collaborative spaces helps develop student success.

According to The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, the “classroom of the future” will emphasize group learning through student collaboration. And a key to fostering such learning, The Center says, is a classroom filled with “lightweight, moveable and reconfigurable furniture.”

From day to day – and even hour to hour throughout the day – the collaborative classroom may adopt a unique look and feel. The active, group-based, student-focused style of learning that is at the heart of the collaborative classroom involves learning activities that place students in groups of varying size and configuration...


Small groups can do big things when given the ideal gathering space. Spectrum lets you optimize success with innovative, ergonomic technology-ready collaborative tables. Many of them also come with a dry erase writable worksurface, bringing collaboration and brainstorming to the next level.

Available models include the lightweight Flex Flip table, allows you to configure the classroom in many different ways, whichever way works best for the students and the project they might be working on. These tables are easy to move and set up, and come with the height-adjustable “sit to stand” feature...

Sometimes the smallest design aspect can have outsized impact on the collaborative learning environment. So don’t overlook Spectrum’s four-wheel chair design, a departure from the five-wheel design found on most mobile chairs. This features allows the chairs to fit more easily under tables without banging into table legs.

And in the collaborative classroom, chairs must be on casters so that students easily can face one another. The sturdy casters on Spectrum chairs are long-lasting and allow the chairs to move easily.
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Source: EDUCAUSE Review