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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Equifax Uses Deep Neural Machine Learning To Improve Credit Scoring |

"While artificial intelligence, machine learning and other futuristic-seeming technologies have been resigned to the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, traditional companies are also getting in the game, including Equifax and SAS." notes PYMNTS.

According to a report, Equifax is using deep-learning tools to enhance its credit scoring system, and SAS is using deep learning to improve its data mining tools and provide deep learning APIs.
Photo: Peter Maynard
In an interview, Peter Maynard, senior vice president of global analytics at Equifax, said the company realized a few years ago that it wasn’t getting enough “statistical lift” from its traditional credit scoring methods and thus started to embrace advanced deep-learning technology...

“My team decided to challenge that and find a way to make neural nets interpretable,” said Maynard in the report. “We developed a mathematical proof that shows that we could generate a neural net solution that can be completely interpretable for regulatory purposes.