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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Be sure to check out the New edition of Quantum Information Theory by Mark Wilde | Cambridge University Press

Quantum Information Theory - 2nd Edition
AUTHOR: Mark M. Wilde, Louisiana State University
Not yet published - available from February 2017
An ideal entry point for graduate students into quantum information theory.

This new edition of Wilde’s popular book promises over 100 pages of new material, exercises and references. 

New attention is given to the derivation of the Choi–Kraus theorem for quantum channels, the CHSH game, quantum relative entropy, and sequential decoding. 

Key Features
  • Contains over 100 pages of new material, including many new exercises and references 
  • Offers an extensive overview of classical information theory and recent advances in quantum information theory for the non-expert 
  • Provides applications to many example quantum channels of practical interest, including depolarizing, amplitude dampening, and erasure channels 
Table of Contents 
Preface to the second edition 
Preface to the first edition 
How to use this book Part I. 
1. Concepts in quantum Shannon theory 
2. Classical Shannon theory 
Part II. The Quantum 
Theory: 3. The noiseless quantum theory 
4. The noisy quantum theory 
5. The purified quantum theory 
Browse Parts III-VI

Praise for the first edition
"The presentation is well-structured, making it easy to jump to the desired topic and quickly determine on what that topic depends and how it is used going forward … Quantum Information Theory fills an important gap in the existing literature and will, I expect, help propagate the latest and greatest results in quantum Shannon theory to both quantum and classical researchers."- Joseph M. Renes, Quantum Information Processing

Source: Cambridge University Press