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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ensure Success as an Online Student | U.S. News & World Report

"If you're a working adult considering an online degree, choosing a program wisely can help you avoid ultimately dropping out." inform Bradley Fuster, special assistant to the provost for innovative learning at SUNY Buffalo State, teaches both hybrid and online courses. 
Working online students should consider whether a live or self-paced online degree program will help them succeed academically.
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Online student dropout rates are higher than in equivalent face-to-face environments, according to a 2011 five-year study tracking 51,000 community and technical college students in Washington state that the Teacher's College, Columbia University conducted. The study cites the needed self-discipline and time-management skills and the lack of interaction with peers, mentors and faculty as contributing factors to higher dropout rates in online courses.

At the same time, for many working adults, online learning remains the only feasible way to balance work, life and school.

Many institutions are launching online degrees in ways that allow working adults to be more successful and persist through graduation. So, if you work full time, it's key to be aware of whether online degree programs have strong student services and classes that are structured in a way that supports you.

• Mentors and support services: Guild Education, a company that packages online courses and programs for employers and universities, partners with schools including Bellevue University and Colorado State University—Global Campus to launch online degrees.

These programs aim to specifically help students working at particular companies balance their desire to develop new skills with the common pitfalls online students face, such as time management, lack of mentorship, social isolation and accountability.

Guild provides students with advisers who specialize in supporting working adults seeking online degrees. These advisers help them negotiate common problems, set goals and succeed.

Source: U.S. News & World Report