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Monday, June 01, 2015

Next Learning, Anittel answer WA ‘best practice’ e-learning demand

Photo: Peter Dinham
Peter Dinham, co-founder of iTWire writes, "Australian IT software and services provider, Anittel and WA-based Next Learning are claiming a first of its kind approach to professional development for teachers with a newly established partnership."

Photo: iTWire

Introducing a new way in teaching in an e-learning environment, the two companies say their approach is designed to deliver the curriculum using best practice digital teaching tools, such as online apps and video conferencing.

Next Learning co-founder, Shane McGurk, says research shows around 45% of teachers are in “survival mode” when it comes to using technology.

“The Next Learning model reduces this general lack of confidence among teachers to apply e-learning methods.”

According to Anittel WA state manager, Sam Meegahage, up-skilling teachers to use today’s technology in the classroom, means minimising their dependency on the schools’ IT support team.

“The benefits of the Next Learning program extends further than just the teaching body and students. It allows IT Managers to focus their resources on strategic IT initiatives for the schools such as consolidating existing technology and updating IT infrastructure. The upside for schools is it reduces IT support costs.”

McGurk says the Australian national curriculum puts pressure on teachers to get through a lot of content quickly.

“We come in and show teachers how they can enhance the enjoyment of learning through online apps and digital tools such as Skype, to call in an author or a heart surgeon for example, to get the content across to students creatively while inspiring their desire to learn.

“Our ultimate goal is to empower the teacher to skill up for the 21st century, drive this change with their schools and share the knowledge with their colleagues.”

McGurk said schools are embarking on a complete “about face change” in education and “it’s key that everyone is on board.”


Source: iTWire

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