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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Case Study - Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology: Facilitating the Process
Part 1: Strategies for adopting instructional technology
By Ric Keaster, Leroy Metze and Angela Hillegass

Instructors in colleges of education cannot teach prospective teachers to use technology unless the faculty, themselves, use technology in the college of education classrooms as a part of their instruction. There is something about "modeling" that goes a long way in education, regardless of the level of education under consideration.

Teaching with Technology: Facilitating the Process
Part 2: The means to bring about change
By Ric Keaster, Leroy Metze and Angela Hillegass

Colleges and universities across the nation have realized that technology is an absolute when considering how courses on their campuses will be delivered--either face to face sessions, through distance learning sessions, or in mixed formats.

About the authors
Ric Keaster, professor of Educational Administration at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY, has served as a department chair (University of Southern Mississippi) and an associate dean (WKU) and has 20 years' experience in postsecondary education. Prior to his higher education experience, he spent 13 years as a teacher and administrator in K-12 settings.

Leroy Metze, professor of Experimental Psychology and Director of Educational Technology for the College of Education at WKU, has more than 40 years' experience in higher education settings and has provided considerable consulting services in technology for both business and education entities. He has provided the vision and design for the College's electronic portfolio system.

Angela Hillegass, recent graduate of the Department of Psychology at WKU with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology, is currently employed as an Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist with NorthKey Community Care in Covington, KY.