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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Harvard Education Letter

Just look at this interesting line-up in this current issue September/October 2007 of the Harvard Education Letter.

Internet Research 101How to help middle school students avoid getting tangled up in the WebBy Colleen Gillard

Evanston, Ill., eighth-grade humanities teacher Claudia Garrison has seen it all: the paper citing “Michael” (as in Michael Jackson) as a source for infant mortality statistics; the paper whose different fonts unwittingly revealed where material had been cut and pasted from the Web; and the paper whose expert opinion came from a blog.
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Is Coaching the Best Use of Resources?
For some schools, other investments should come first

By Elizabeth A. City
I arrived for my first day of coaching at a Boston school with energy, ideas, and a batch of homemade blueberry muffins. A teacher on the Instructional Leadership Team looked at me, looked at the muffins, and said, “I hate you already.” She said it with a smile, but she wasn’t kidding. Later I would come to appreciate her honesty, but at that moment all I could think was, “But you don’t even know me.”
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Source: Harvard Education Letter