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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Links to E-learning, Teaching and Learning Activity

Conference Alerts brings together two groups of people - conference organizers, and academics who need to stay informed about conferences.

We work with both small first-time conference organizers and established professional societies to ensure that notification of their conferences reach specifically interested parties. Both individual academics and a wide range of 'knowledge brokers' - such as journal editors, web site administrators and discussion list moderators - rely on our searchable online database and on Conference Alerts Monthly to remain informed about upcoming academic and professional events.

Here are some list of forthcoming conferences:

Upcoming events in internet-based education, educational technology and related fields.
E-learning Conferences Worldwide

Upcoming events in Teaching and Learning, including primary and secondary education.
Teaching and Learning Conferences Worldwide
Upcoming events in mathematics and related fields.
Upcoming events in statistics and related fields.