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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age: Designing and Delivering E-learning

Below is an excellent book, I thought you may find be very helpful.

Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age: Designing and Delivering E-learning
By Helen Beetham and Rhona Sharpe

Incorporating a variety of contexts - face-to-face, self-directed, blended, and distance learning modes - this book examines different perspectives on effectively designing and delivering learning activities to ensure that future development is pedagogically sound, learner focused and accessible. It considers key topics including: specific activities for achieving learning outcomes; classifies and clarifies technologies' uses for learning and role in educational design; current systems and future developments; learners' competencies and approaches; designing for mobile technologies; practitioner development; and, sustainability, organisational barriers and learning communities. Illustrated by case studies from the disciplines and with a helpful appendix of tools and resources for researchers, practitioners and teachers, this book is an essential guide to effective design and implementation of sound e-learning activities.

About the Authors

Helen Beetham is an independent consultant in eLearning, working for the Joint Information Systems Committee’s (UK) eLearning and Pedagogy programme.

Rhona Sharpe is a staff and educational developer in the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) and a member of the Centre for eLearning team at Oxford Brookes University, UK.