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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Editor's Hand Picked Headline News

Report reveals a disconnect between what policy makers believe is important for students--and what parents and kids think they need for themselves
By Meris Stansbury.
With lawmakers and school leaders alike stressing the importance of math, science, and technology (MST) education in preparing students for 21st-century jobs and careers, one might assume that parents and students would agree these subjects are crucial to their future success.

But a new report challenges this assumption.
According to the report, titled "Important, But Not for Me: Parents and Students in Kansas and Missouri Talk About Math, Science, and Technology Education," parents and students say they understand the importance of MST skills in general--but they don't see these as important for themselves.

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Source: eSchool News

New Hampshire's first virtual high school to open in January
By Faith Swymer.

New Hampshire teenagers have already been hanging out online for years, but starting in January they have the opportunity to attend the state's first virtual high school.
Starting Jan. 22, 2008, Virtual Learning Academy will launch live and e-mail based classes for students looking to accelerate their traditional coursework, take Advanced Placement courses not available at their school or even study for their SATs.

Gizmo: Developmental Math

Students may not always learn in the same way, so teachers can help them by drawing on a diverse set of educational materials and techniques. Math teachers will appreciate learning about this set of developmental math “gizmos” offered on this site. Visitors can select interactive features that cover fractions, linear equations, roots, and geometry.

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