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Monday, September 17, 2007

Educators' eZine

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Do you teach with technology? Run a school or program? Head up the technology effort? Serve as Library/Media or Technology Coordinator? Provide professional development? Or work with educational technology in other ways? If so, we want to hear from you — to publish your article on

You'll join hundreds of authors who've written for, the web site of Technology & Learning magazine.

Below are some articles from Educators' eZine

Teaching Teachers to Track Tech Tips
By Nanette I. Marcum-Dietrich
Countless k-12 classrooms today use technology to enhance student learning. This technology may be simple, such as a calculator, or part of an elaborate program, such as laptops in a one-to-one initiative. If you take the time to sit and watch the rhythm of the learning experiences in almost any classroom, you will likely encounter at least one unique integration of technology that even the most seasoned, technologically savvy, educator had not thought of before.

You've Got Mail - A Dozen Educators' Newsletters
By Larry Ferlazzo
Larry Ferlazzo wrote a short article,
Keeping Up-To-Date On Web Resources in the July, 2007 issue of Educators eZine sharing a list of ten free email newsletters that I've found helpful to me in my work as a teacher. There wasn't space to fit a complete list of my favorites. Here's a dozen more that I recommend:

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