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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Recommended books

Below are some excellent books, I thought you may find be very helpful.

Online Social Support: The Interplay of Social Networks and Computer-mediated Communication
By Antonina D. Bambina

Dr. Peter Messeri, Columbia University Online support groups have become a familiar feature of the Internet's landscape. The ease of access to online groups allow physically debilitated and geographically disperse individuals to seek social support without limitations of material resources, proximity, and temporality. The ability of computer-mediated communication to provide support effectively remains an open question, and this book brings us much closer to the answer. This groundbreaking book provides a much needed understanding of the kinds of social support in an online support group. It also illuminates the practices that enable users to acquire the support they desire. Online Social Support is an invaluable resource for those studying the Internet in sociology, communications, psychology, and social work.

Preparing for Blended E-Learning: Understanding Blended and Online Learning (Connecting with E-learning)
By Allison Littlejohn and Chris Pegler

Blended and online learning skills are rapidly becoming essential for effective teaching and learning in universities and colleges. Covering theory where useful but maintaining an emphasis on practice, this book provides teachers and lecturers with an accessible introduction to e-learning. Beginning by exploring the meaning of 'e-learning', it supports tutors in identifying how they plan to use technology to support courses that blend online and face-to-face interactions. Illustrated by a range of case of studies, the book covers: designing quality, appropriate effective and online learning efficient and sustainable e-learning activity providing appropriate feedback to learners devising student activities and sourcing learning resources managing online and offline interactions.

Enjoy your reading!