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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Learning from the Learning 2.0 Conference

Wesley Fryer returned last week from the Learning 2.0 Conference, held in Shanghai, China, September 14-16. The opportunity to join 400 educators from around east Asia, primarily teachers and technology directors from International schools across the region, was a fantastic learning opportunity.

I’m scheduled to share a keynote address at the November TechForum in Austin, Texas, titled “So the World is Flat. Now What?” I’m continuing to compose my thoughts following my experiences in Shanghai this past week, but one of the clear takeaways is that in our flat world, educators need to directly connect more frequently with each other as well as empower students to safely and appropriately connect with each other. The Learning 2.0 conference was a catalyst for educational connections on many levels, and as such exemplified educational conference “best practices” in many ways.

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