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Sunday, June 09, 2019

10 New Books We Recommend This Week | Book Review - New York Times

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Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times by Gregory Cowles, Senior Editor, Books. 

“No more pencils, no more books,” the song goes, and can we just say that we do not approve? Summer in this hemisphere officially arrives on June 21, but summer reading is upon us already, and more books are frankly just the thing.

That’s why I’m following Parul Sehgal’s excellent advice and tearing through Kristen Arnett’s debut novel, “Mostly Dead Things” — it’s a gorgeous, funny story about love and grief and taxidermy — but if you’ve already read that, or are saving it for your two weeks at the lake house, then you might dip into the new sf collection from the great Ted Chiang, or read Jericho Brown’s latest book of poetry, or spend some time with Mira Jacob’s graphic memoir, “Good Talk.” Just read.

We bring you Swedish thrillers and Tudor mysteries and an alternate-reality jungle-infested 1920s Manhattan, assuming you like that kind of thing as much as we do. And if your summer plans involve armchair travel rather than the real thing, we offer one debut novel set in Alaska, another set in eastern Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, and a group biography of the characters who have taken up residence over the years on the isle of Capri.
For the record, we like pencils too.

Source: New York Times