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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Optimization of eLearning Tools: A User’s Perspective | eLearning - TechSpective

When it comes down to marketers and their services, most of them have opted for a bottom-up approach over the years with regard to improvement of both eLearning content and delivery, says Matt Davidson, Author at TechSpective.

Photo: Pixabay
However, in the result, almost no attention has been paid to the user. In this regard, many features and characteristics get left out in the mix since there is only a single point of view that dominates and leads the way. While that used to be the story of a lot of marketers over the years, it is no longer the case anymore.

This itself indicates why a change in perspective can reveal a great number of possibilities that you would have never thought about before. In most cases, seeing something through the eyes of another person will also provide you with a valuable set of tips that you can implement in the future. Perhaps this is the much-needed shot-in-the-arm that your service requires to scale to unimaginable heights and take control of the competition...

All in all, we can see for certain that both the front and back end of eLearning needs to be taken into full account if one is to understand the process in its entirety. And that is exactly the problem with a lot of marketers out there – they prefer just to skim the surface and hope that’ll suffice.

Source: TechSpective