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Friday, June 14, 2019

Budget cuts nixed their music program. These donated instruments saved it. | Passaic -

Students at Public School 21 in Paterson are playing instruments again, thanks to a donation from the Saddle River Arts Council that comes after recent deep budget cuts left the majority of the city’s elementary schools without music teachers and programs, continues

A group of students from Public School 21 in Paterson display their new musical instruments, which came as a donation from the Saddle River Arts Council
The elementary school students Thursday performed a call-and-response percussion song to thank the executive members of the Arts Council for their 30 donated instruments, which included guitars and keyboards. They were conducted by Jaimeo Brown, the school’s music teacher.

“We were thrilled [to receive the instruments],” said Principal Joanne Riviello. “Unfortunately, they were slated for another school, but they lost their music teacher, so their loss is our gain. It’s going to be a great thing.”...

“[The students] really are illuminated with every opportunity, exploring and learning and being exposed to music in general,” said Brown. “It opens doors.”