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Friday, June 21, 2019

Making Blended Learning Work in Your Classroom | Online Learning & eLearning - The Tech Edvocate

Matthew Lynch, The Tech Edvocate says, Blended classrooms are on the rise. 

Photo: The Tech Edvocate
You’ll know you are witnessing one of the most promising instructional initiatives if you see a scenario like this:

Upon walking into the classroom, you look around for the teacher. She’s not at the traditional location at the front of the room.

The students are collaborating in groups — at tables and in more informal seating areas. They’re already reviewed the material the night before at home, using their own technology. Now they’re using technology to confirm facts and take notes while discussing their projects. Everyone seems to know what to do, and they’re on task. Last night at home, they watched a video about today’s topic in preparation for working together.

At last, you see the teacher, huddled with students in one of the groups. She’s asking the learners questions and marking responses on her handheld tablet.

Hybrid learning scenarios like this one happen in classrooms all over the country. Blended learning
combines technology and teacher-led instruction. In doing so, it creates an academic synergy that engages learners and inspires them to dig deeper into the content.

Source: The Tech Edvocate