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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The 31 Best Beach Reads, According to Your Favorite Writers | Lifestyle - GQ

Everyone from Marlon James to Ottessa Moshfegh on what you should read this summer.

Photo: GQ
What makes a good beach read? Should it be pulpy and trashy and greasy with sunscreen? Or a gut-wrenchingly realistic commentary on the human condition? Ask Molly Young, a contributing writer for GQ and the New York Times Magazine, and she'd say a good beach read is easy enough to take frequent breaks, but "brain-gripping enough to provide a steady opportunity for escapism." That sounds about right. Right?

But then we asked a dozen more writers for their favorite beach reads and, well, it turns out there's really no consensus to be had. Which is kind of beautiful. So this list is eclectic-as-hell—it's got everything from science fiction thrillers to classic Japanese lit to contemporary poetry. Meaning there's something for everyone. Even if you like contemporary poetry.

Source: GQ