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Friday, June 28, 2019

Where Does The Young Indian Of The 21st Century Stand In The Age Of Digitisation? | Education - Youth Ki Awaaz

The world seems to be at the tip of our fingers nowadays, as Youth Ki Awaaz reports. 

Photo: Garry Knight/Flickr.
There is no doubt that the young generation of 21st century India is moving ahead of its time with the inception of the digital age. While there are folks who consider the rise of the digital world to be a boon for the youth, there are still many who consider the life of the older times to be much better than the present. While there are several questions being raised in front of young India about their potential, there are both positive and negative aspects which will determine the country’s face in the near future.

As we know that India is the fastest growing country, there are two inter-related factors which play a major role in developing the backbone of the upcoming generation, i.e. education and employment. One cannot deny the fact of the rapid growth rate of education but unemployment is still a matter of contention since the last few decades. When we come across education, both people and the government are very concerned about achieving higher literacy rate. We can find graduates in every house now but to find a Class 10 pass back in the days was quite a hectic job. As the number of schools and higher education institutions tends to rise up at a fast pace, so does the competition between the students...

With the advent of digitalisation, new horizons have been created upon the minds of the young generation in terms of education as well as employment. The process of e-learning has been adopted as a new form of studying not only by college students but also by young kids. The ability to reach anywhere at any time using a single device has literally transformed the outlook of the youth. There was a time when young adults could not take a single step without the consent of their elders but now even children are at par with their parents’ updates. Accessibility to the internet has not only widened the options of learning but also opened doors to earning. Entrepreneurship is the contemporary face of new-age development.

Source: Youth Ki Awaaz