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Saturday, June 22, 2019

The long-distance key to transforming your life | National - The New Daily

Rod Clune, Author at The New Daily writes, We’ve all had them, those moments that changed your life – even though you might not have recognised them as such at the time. 

Robyn Wilson introduces a class to the mysteries of spoken English.
Photo: Supplied
You miss one bus and find yourself sitting next to your future soulmate on the next – that sort of thing.

For Melbourne teacher Robyn Wilson, an English specialist, that life-changing moment came in the form of a broken heart.

That and a distance learning program.

“I’d broken up with a man I was crazy for and needed to do something – anything – to clear my head and, most of all, keep me away from the old haunts where we just kept running into each other,” she said.

“I’ve been a dancer all my life, but that wasn’t enough to fill the void, so I thought I might do something for my CV and my career.”...

One, two or many 
Charles Sturt University provided the answer. Its courses in teaching English as a second language were well regarded, and the preliminary research Robyn had done on the content and structure left her confident she would be able to pull it off.

“I could do one unit at a time, or two units, or I could go the whole hog and tackle the lot,” she said.

“I wasn’t alone either when I was making studies to fit into my lifestyle...

These days, with her master’s hanging on the wall and closing in on a PhD, Robyn enjoys a double-edged satisfaction. There are the additional credentials, which have opened fresh employment opportunities she hasn’t hesitated to exploit, plus the satisfaction of helping new arrivals come to grips with their new homeland.

Source: The New Daily