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Saturday, June 22, 2019

15 virtual camps to entertain and educate kids all summer long | Life - Reading Eagle

Some are free, and some charge a fee, as Reading Eagle reports. 
Not all camps have to require driving to and fro. There are several virtual camps worth checking out. 
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If managing your kids' summer schedules is running you ragged, you may want to consider the online option.

Apps, websites and even full-fledged virtual camps offer a wide range of summer learning opportunities and can provide the ideal activity during a staycation or a fill-in between other activities.

Online learning also gives kids something unique: individual attention. You, a baby sitter, a grandparent or even an older sibling act as virtual camp counselors, leading — and even learning alongside — your kids.

With many of the virtual camps, you can mix and match activities to tailor the experience to your kids' interests. Expect to be more involved if you go for the free, choose-your-own-adventure camps. But fee-based camps call for some adult participation, too.
Check out these offerings:

Source: Reading Eagle